ef was devised in response to CTVR’s desire to ‘communicate communications’. The centre wanted to find new ways of understanding themselves so that they could communicate better about their research.

Jessica Foley was invited to engage with the research centre and to bring her artistic research practice to bear. After spending about a year working as Education and Outreach assistant with many researchers and staff of CTVR, Jessica proposed that instead of developing ‘Outreach’ activities CTVR should develop ‘Inreach.’

With that, Jessica was enrolled as a PhD student and began to research possibilities and invent strategies for inreach-ing within CTVR.

ef is one of those strategies.

Here’s a bit about CTVR:

CTVR is the national telecommunications research centre in Ireland. It is headquartered in Trinity College Dublin and works in partnership with six academic institutions in Ireland (NUIM, UL, UCC, Tyndall, DIT and DCU) and collaborates with over 60 companies. We engage in cutting-edge research, postgraduate education, technology transfer, commercialisation and outreach. We are involved in European wide projects as well as international collaborations.

Our research focus is on wireless and optical networks . We work both at the architecture and infrastructure level as well as on the underlying technologies that will enable the networks of the future.  We have expertise in wireless networking, optical networking, cognitive networks, dynamic spectrum access networks, machine-learning, advanced optimisation and game theory. From a technology perspective we have expertise in RF design, agile radios, antenna design, software radio, cognitive radio, tuneable optical components, photonics integration and modelling as well as advanced thermal management. Our work spans the theoretical & simulation domains as well as the practical and experimental. We also have expertise in the area of telecommunications policy.

CTVR is an SFI Centre for Science & Engineering Technology. We also get funding from Enterprise Ireland, the HEA, the IRC as well as European Framework funding and funding directly from Industry.