1_seeds & catalysts

The seed is the active material of attention for the ef session. The catalyst is the person or thing who activates the seed in the context of the ef session.

The catalyst communicates interest and curiosity in the seed with the counter-public of the ef session, and thus activates the seed in this context.


Jessica Foley & Interrupting Things

Dennis McNulty & Primate Vision



Jessica Foley (with Jessamyn Fiore) & The Baloon

Linda Doyle & Invisible Wireless

Dr. Eve Patten & Metaphors we Live by

John Thackara & Out-of-the-Blue

Dennis McNulty & The Archivist’s Memory

Jacek Kibilda & Complexity



Jessica Foley & Number Language

Linda Doyle & Cognitive Radio

Neil O’Dwyer & Chance

Séamas McGettrick & Limits

Michael Staunton & Medieval Hypertext

Aoife Desmond & Thresholds

Carlo Galiotto & Misunderstanding

Louise Ward & CAGE

Eamonn Dillon & Symmetry

Eve Olney & The Talking Tombstone