The interruptor is the host of the engineering fictions session. Her work involves a poetic, playful and ethical practice of foiling, hosting and archiving the dialogic situations of engineering fictions. The purpose of the interruptor is to support conversation, writing and reading during the ef session, and to aid the catalyst in bringing her/his ideas to the session’s public.


This action is a process of curiosity and questioning. The interruptor works with the catalyst to prepare the seed for the ef session through conversation and correspondence. The catalyst shares materials and ideas with the interruptor. The main action here is listening and tuning into the need/desire of the catalyst. Together, the interruptor and the catalyst sketch possible constraints for writing exercises appropriate to the seed and the context of the ef session.


The interruptor’s work involves making space so that people can gather to listen and engage with the seed topic. This means building relationships and trust with the host context (e.g. CONNECT) and also being able to set a comfortable atmosphere for conversation and creative experiment. The work of hosting always involves good humour and active listening.


This process emerges out of the other two. Over time material builds up from the ef sessions. Each of the ef sessions produce some sort of a communication trail. This gets going through accidental encounters, conversations and notes, with emails and text-messages, and spreads into sharing texts and images between the catalyst, interruptor and counter-public of the ef session. During the ef sessions writings, drawings and audio-recordings are often made. Sometimes the ef sessions set in motion other processes within the context, as the counter-public of ef begins to mobilise and experiment further.